VIDEO: “If The World Was A Poem” // The Amiri Baraka Sessions CD Release + Tribute Concert | Curated by Thomas Sayers Ellis // Bowery Poetry Club

Heroes Are Gang Leaders, the 2018 Winners of the American Book Award for Oral Literature, celebrate the release of “The Amiri Baraka Sessions” and pay tribute to the highly influential poet / activist + jazz critic at The Bowery Poetry Club in New York.  January 14, 2019

“The Amiri Baraka Sessions” is available at CD Baby + Amazon.  

PHOTO: THOMAS SAYERS ELLIS / BOWERY POETRY RECORDING STUDIOS | VIDEO: Live HAGL performance with Thomas Sayers Ellis, James Brandon Lewis, Luke Stewart, Warren G. Crudup III, Devin Brahja Waldman, Heru Shabaka-Ra, Brandon Moses, Jenna Camille, Nettie Chickering, Melaine Dyer + Bonita Penn.  Bowery Poetry Club, New York / January 14, 2019
James Brandon Lewis, Co-founder + Saxophonist and Melanie Dyer, Viola / Perform “Amina” / Bowery Poetry Studio / Bowery, New York / January 15, 2019
Bob Holman, Executive Producer of “The Amiri Baraka Sessions” CD / Perform w/ Heroes Are Gang Leaders / Bowery Poetry Studios / Bowery, New York / January 15, 2019