Day Trippin In SoHo: “Brothel’s Row” / Limited Edition of 25 @Saatchi Art

“Brothels Row”

Day Trippin In SoHo featured in The Chrisis Magazine…
“With extreme camera angles, exaggerated tones and perspectives, an unban landscape is transformed.”  The Crisis Magazine… READ


“In the 1920’s photography came to occupy a central role in Surrealism. Techniques such as double exposures, combination printing, montages and combination printing inherent in Surrealist imagery, dramatically evoked the union of dreams and reality tnrough a combination of odd, unexpected juxtapositions and surprise visual elements. In the tradition of the #Surrealist and Eugene Atget’s heralded photographs that melded reflections of the streets with shop windows, Diane Allford uses the same visual sensibility to deconstruct the daily, mundane reality of window displays and the urban landscape in SoHo, New York.” — at SoHo, Manhattan.

“With extreme camera angles, exaggerated tones and perspectives, all hallmarks of the two principal movements of surrealism and modernism, she blends images of steel, glass, concrete and the content of fashionable store windows into a dreamlike, uran landscape.”


“In the tradition of Surrealism, Allford forges an aesthetic blend of odd, unexpected justapositions with elements of fashion, glass, steel and concrete.” 

Saatch Art Gallery @Diane Allford