“Say Trippin”// Documentary Film Project W/ HAGL Music

My foray into filmmaking with this awesome band of jazz musicians and poets, Heroes Are Gang Leaders.  An avant-garde/experimental jazz band looking to redefine the concept of music/sound and its relationship to instrument and literary text. 
Here are some Video Clips + B-Roll footage from my documentary film project, “SayTrippin” in collaboration with heroes are gang leaders

Recording session with Heroes Are Gang Leaders / 47 West Village, NY
“Let’s Try This New Meaning Moment” // Co-founder, Thomas Sayers Ellis w/ Samantha Riott // Recording Session @47 W. VILLAGE, NY
Thomas Sayers Ellis, the bandleader, was the first in line to get the picture taking sessions started.  
Backstage w/ HAGL bandmates and, Thomas Sayers Ellis at Roulette, Brooklyn.